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zero waste grocery shopping

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Photograph by Nicolle Luthringshauser

My goodness... If you live off produce like I do, the amount of plastic waste is unreal.

The solution is so unbelievably simple: reusable produce bags.

Millions of billions of plastic waste would be eliminated if every one would just make the simple decision to buy reusable produce bags. These reusable produce bags have lasted me 3 years now and I plan to have them for many, many, many years to come. They hold up so well that I honestly don't think I will have to replace them for ages.


Zero Waste Grocery Store Starter Pack

colony co 10 piece combo set | $29.99

This is the perfect set of 6 knit produce bags and 4 reusable bulk bags. These have been absolutely perfect for any and all of my fresh produce purchases at the store and the farmers market! They are incredibly durable and wash well!

large reusable bag | FREE

Chances are you already have a big bag you can put all of your grocery goodies in and if not treat yourself to shopping spree at urban outfitters, free people, lululemon or any place that uses reusable bags! There are also many stores that sell reusable bags at the register!

- OR -

organic farmers market set | $70

This set includes:

2 x Pocket Totes: Large, canvas and super sturdy reusable market bags with six large interior pockets for keeping organized, balancing weight and so jars and veg don't bang up against each other

2 x Mixed Mesh Totes: Handy "go-everywhere" string bags with canvas bottoms to stop things falling out

5 x assorted size Mesh Produce Bags: Shop loose fruit and veggies like onions and tomatoes

4 x assorted size Bulk Food Bags: The fine mesh keeps bread fresh; also perfect for finer items like when you buy bulk flours, lentils and nuts

1 x Large Bread Bag

Happy & sustainable grocery shopping!

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