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simple rawnola

2 ingredients | 5 minutes

Non-Vegan Approved x 5

This rawnola is...

1. Easy

2. Delicious

It only takes 5 minutes, includes only 2 ingredients, and doesn't include all the added sugar of store bought and even local granolas!


- 1 cup oats

- 1 cup medjool dates* (~10-12)

*Recommendation: Use sticky dates rather than soaking dry dates in boiled water

Use blender or food processor to combine ingredients. Pulse just a few times until the mix is a crumble texture.

Store in sealed container.

For a twist on Cinnamon Toast C̶r̶u̶n̶c̶h̶ Rawnola: Add a splash of almond milk and few dashes of cinnamon.


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