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mid-day power snack: smoked salmon slices & veggies

super quick & easy power snack

packed with:

- protein

- fiber

- iron

- antioxidants

- omega-3 fatty acids

- vitamin a, c, k, b12



- fight inflammation

- promote heart heath

- strengthen bones

- enhance gut health

- fight cancer & diabetes

the list goes on... ;)


- smoked salmon*

- purple cabbage

- broccoli

- avocado

- 1 tbsp olive oil (stove top) / few sprays of avocado oil

- 2 tbsp apple cider or white vinegar

*ensure to buy wild-caught verses farm raised, low sodium, and check the ingredients to avoid unhealthy seasoning (loads of brown sugar, etc)


Heat skillet to medium heat, add oil, add broccoli.

Sauté about 10 minutes until browned.

Season as you'd like - I recommend garlic salt, crushed pepper, and thyme.

Next, sauté purple cabbage.

Add apple cider or white vinegar and season to taste.

Lastly, add your salmon & avocado.

Voila - super easy, healthy, & delicious!

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