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key to happiness

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

There are millions of books and articles on how to be happy or live a successful and satisfied life. While these readings may provide a great deal of insight, they cannot magically transform your life to make you successful and happy. They can only provide the tools for you to create a life full of success and happiness.

Overall, I believe the most important key to success or happiness is getting to know yourself. Knowing your strengths, weaknesses, ticks, passions, values, goals, etc. How is one able to create happiness in their lives when they don't even know what makes them happy? Take the time to get to know yourself. Read some books, learn some things, wander in the world alone and take the time to get to know yourself. This will be scary for some of you but I promise it will be the best thing you do for yourself.

“Be alone. Eat alone, take yourself on dates, sleep alone. In the midst of this you will learn about yourself. You will grow, you will figure out what inspires you, you will curate your own dreams, your own beliefs, your own stunning clarity, and when you do meet the person who makes your cells dance, you will be sure of it, because you are sure of yourself.” — Bianca Sparacino

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