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6 tips | more sustainable lifestyle

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Photograph taken by Nicolle Luthringshauser. A poem by William Wordsworth.

So you've made the decision to be more green!

Now where do you start?

It seems like the list of becoming more sustainable is endless and truly never ending but know that this is the first step and any bit of a step is a movement in the right direction.

So from the Earth and myself, thank you.

Living in a society of overconsumption and destruction of our Earth, thank you for caring enough to make this decision and seek out the knowledge you need to do your part.

I challenge you to educate yourself on environmental issues daily so that you understand the impacts of our actions and consumption. At times keeping up with environmental issues can be incredibly disheartening so I also encourage you to seek out the good that is going on in the world. Every day people are hard at work trying to clean our seas, discover clean energy, protect endangered wildlife, and more.

Today marks the day where you too join the movement of protecting and bettering the place we call home.

Tips To a More Sustainable Lifestyle


The strength of environmental policy out ways any life decision you can make of recycling, cutting out meat, etc. Please please do your research and vote for candidates that feel strongly about reducing pollution and protecting human welfare and natural systems.

2. Reduce your energy use.

If you aren't using it, turn it off! Unplug any appliances that aren't being used, turn off the lights if you aren't in the room, bundle up rather than turning the thermostat up, open a window instead of turning the stat down, wash clothes in cold water, hang clothing rather than using the dryer (fun fact: sunlight is a wonderful stain remover!), swap out your current lightbulbs with CFL lightbulbs.

3. Reduce toxic chemical use.

Hopefully this does not come as a surprise but there are chemicals in almost everything the majority of people are using daily. The list goes on and on from your deodorant, cleaning products, laundry detergent, etc. I will continuously post brands that I have researched and love that are completely chemical free. I suggest True Botanicals and Beauty Counter for chemical free skincare, Norwex for home cleaning products and laundry detergent but I will post more about my top picks of chemical free products so stay tuned! In regards to grocery shopping, I suggest using reusable bags and always buying BPA free products.

BPA is incredibly harmful and can affect your brain and body. The chemical can seep into your food or drink and imitate your body's hormones- specifically imitating estrogen. By interacting with your hormone receptors, BPA can affect your thyroid, alter your body's functions and negatively impact your overall health. This is especially dangerous if you are pregnant as it can affect your infant! I encourage everyone to avoid any and all products with BPA. Buy a glass or metal water bottle, glass storage ware, etc. Being green is not limited to protecting the Earth from toxins but also protecting yourself!

4. Support LOCAL.

While I encourage limiting or completely removing meat and dairy from your diet, if you do eat meat/dairy buy locally raised, humane and organic meats, eggs and dairy. Educate yourself on the ethics behind big meat and dairy corporations and the related health and environmental costs. If giving up meat and dairy is completely out of the question for you then visit your local farmer's market and BUY LOCAL. Supporting local farmers keeps your money in the local economy and also assures you that the animals are being treated much kinder than at large meat processing factories and that they aren't being pumped full of chemicals and hormones that are doing straight into your own body. Eating local also reduces your carbon footprint. Reducing the distance your food travels will promote better air quality and reduce pollution.

Stay tuned for a post specifically on the benefits of supporting local!

For now, understand that buying local positively impacts your own health, our environment and your local economy!

5. Buy Smart.

Buy food in bulk (with reusable bulk cloth bags or glass containers!!) which will save you money and reduce your plastic waste. Resell and donate items rather than throwing them away. Buy clothes from sustainable and ethical brands. Research all the brands you buy from and make sure they are environmentally friendly and are also products that will last.

6. Stay educated!

This is only a few tips and a starting guide to living a more sustainable lifestyle. The biggest tip is to continue growing your knowledge of sustainability. Stay up to date with environmental issues going on and always research the companies you are giving your money to in order to ensure they are putting your money to good use by protecting our environment and your own health!

Again, THANK YOU for taking an interest in the health of yourself and the place we call home.

Welcome to the green alliance of people working towards positively affecting our society and our Earth.

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