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favorite yoga gear

BIIIIIG manduka fan.



Manduka PRO Yoga Mat 6 mm | $120

After turn n' burnin a few yoga mats, I found my all time favorite yoga mat. I'm not sure about you but my wrists and knees cannot stand more than 5 minutes on a thin yoga mat. This yoga mat provides amazing support while also not falling apart after just a few months of practice.

11/10 would recommend

**Tip: The mat is a bit slick when you first receive it so I would definitely advise salting and leaving in the sun before using.

Manduka Go Steady 3.0 Mat Carrier | $68

This yoga carrier is perfect for every day travel. It's easy to carry from home to car to the studio! It also provides two separate pockets separate from the main area for your mat. I like to keep my mat spray, cloth, and a resistance band in the separate pocket!

Good Karma Crop | $48

This top is soft and comfortable. I'm not huge on wearing crops in the studio but for at home it's amazing! The perks of wearing a crop during your practice are that you don't need to readjust your shirt every 2 minutes or have it covering your face during downward dog.

Good Karma Running Short | $48

These shorts are so so comfy and amazing! They are super stretchy allowing you to move and stretch comfortable and surprising stay put while you're doing it.

Good Karma 3-Style Bundle | $150

This is a great bundle with the two above + the good karma leggings (which are also amazing). Savings of $24 and all your essentials that you can mix and match with other workout gear.

Happy stretching!

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