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top activewear brands

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

....dirty mirror pics ftw

There's nothing like feeling good in your workout fit.

I'm not huge on wearing sports bras or anything that draws extra attention at the gym... BUT in 2021, I've become a huge wfh, gym from home, everything from home type of gal. This has opened my world in terms of activewear.

SO here are my favorite brands (new & old)...



LUXFORM: Silky, smooth, soft feel

Racer V (Dune) | $58

This is one of my favorite bras - incredibly comfortable/looks SO good.

Leggings (Dune) | $62

These are so seriously so soft but I will say they don't do anything extra for you in shaping.

SCULPTFLEX: Ribbed, tighter fit

Ribbed One Shoulder (Black) | $45

Style meets activewear. This bra makes you feel like a personal fitness trainer (trendy one not high school gym one).

Bike Shorts (Black) | $52

These are a different material than the LUXFORM version so they're not the most soft but they give a way better fit.

Truly, I have all of these in multiple colors and LOVE them! This has taken over as one of my favorite and most worn activewear brands.


SET ACTIVE has been doing tons of collaborations!

SET x OUAI was one of my favorites!



Square Neck Good Karma Bra | $48

This bra is super soft and comes in A MILLION different colors.

Happiness Runs Crop | $30

This bra doubles as a workout to coffee run which is amazing! It's one of my favorites for yoga - perfect length and doesn't move!

Tempo Long-Sleeve Tee | $50

This top is super cute and flowy. It's perfect for layering and goes amazing with high waisted bottoms.

Good Karma Running Shorts | $48

These are shorts are so comfortable! The material is great and they have amazing stretch!

Feel free to mix and match the SET ACTIVE and FP Movement... ;)


Lululemon (tried n true)

The other half of my workout clothes are.... ALL LULULEMON. What's new?

Here are some of my favorites:

Invigorate High-Rise Tight 25" | $128

The price difference is definitely something you can feel with this material. It's thick, silky, and has a great fit. What's the best part? POCKETS. These leggings have multiple pockets - both sides and a hidden waist band pocket in the back.

I have the black, navy, and dark olive which are all the essentials you need.

Hotty Hot Low-Rise Lined Short 4" | $58

These are my FAVORITE for working out outside of the house (not super fitted shorts). They're super lightweight but have built-in liner for coverage! They sadly don't have this specific pink right now which is a shame cause they're my fav but they do still have the grey (Heather Lux Multi Black/Heathered Black) which is my second favorite pair!

Speed Up Mid-Rise Lined Short 4" | $58

These are super short (tbh these ones should be called the "Hotty Hot") but super cute. The Auric Gold is a fun color (shown above) but it also comes 18 other colors! Side Note: Top is the Mudra Fitted Tee from Vuori.


These are my top picks to feel confident and get myself moving!

Happy shopping, girls!

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