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fav workout outfits


This tee is perfection. It comes distressed and with the perfect comfy feel you would get from having a tee for 10+ years. Aside from it being the softest ever, it is the perfect cut.

10/10 for workouts and casual wear.

These shorts are lightweight, soft, and have a nice side zipper pocket.

I would recommend these and the hotty hot short II in every color!

This sports bra is a classic. Comfortable & supportive.


To be honest, I lived in this outfit for a month after I got it (maybe two).

Fav workout & lounge fit.

Happiness is right. This crop is perfect as a sports bra, crop, or a nice under-layer with a cropped sweater!

Side note: It's available in every single color possible.

These leggings are so soft and really do move with your body! Many leggings can feel tight and restrictive which makes it hard to run or cycle but these are perfect!

Side note: The dessert dune color was cute until I realized lots of people doing double takes (thinking my pants were not there) so maybe go for another color! They have 20+ options though so that shouldn't be a problem!

Ok ok ok - this is not workout clothing. It's more of a layer on the way to your workout but when I say I love this sweater... I LOVE THIS SWEATER. It can be thrown over anything - sports bra, tank, dress, romper, anything.


Raining? Cold? This bomber is super cute, warm, and perfect for the rain (hoodie hidden by the hair)!

Perfect for running, cycling, training, long walks - anything & everything!

These were my favorite... until I lost them. I have dreams that I find them sometimes...

Buy them. Love them. Never lose them.

On that note, put your favorite tennies on and get moving!

(in loving memory of my flyknits)

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